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Feb. 12 Near Twenty20: Chocolate, Wine and Cheese at Formaggio Kitchen

If you’re not regularly pairing your favorite chocolates with artisan cheeses, you should be. Cheese expert and buyer for Formaggio Kitchen, Julia, will show you how to do it at the Chocolate, Wine and Cheese class on Wednesday, February 12th.

She’s hosting the special event at Formaggio Kitchen’s Classroom Annex, and the two-hour tasting session begins promptly at 6:30 p.m. Over the course of two hours, Julia will dole out pairings of gourmet chocolates and cheeses from around the world that strike the perfect balance of sweet and savory. She’ll also offer glasses of vino to round out the tasting experience. To celebrate Valentine’s Day a little bit early at the Chocolate, Wine and Cheese class, make sure you grab your tickets ASAP. They cost $65 per person, which includes all of your food and drink.