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Enjoy Seasonally Inspired Sweets at Vinal Bakery

Enjoy Seasonally Inspired Sweets at Vinal Bakery Details

Vinal Bakery is a New England-inspired café that focuses on regional ingredients and seasonal specialties. Growing up in New Hampshire, owner and pastry chef Sarah Murphy tapped maple trees in the spring, picked blueberries in the summer, and collected apples every fall. This season-driven philosophy is what New England baking is all about. Expect to see different items depending on when you go, including gluten free cakes, vegan muffins, and more hard-to-find delights. 

The baked goods at Vinal Bakery include billowy English muffins, scones in flavors like rye orange chocolate, and buttery banana bread. For a more savory option, Vinal Bakery takes their fluffy English muffins and makes sandwiches with elevated ingredients like smoked ham, spicy pesto, and goat cheese butter. The drink menu has all of the coffee and tea standbys, plus signature drinks like golden turmeric lattes. Vinal Bakery is closed Tuesdays, but opens bright and early the balance of the week for your first morning cup of joe and breakfast.