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Sweeten Up an Evening at New City Microcreamery

Sweeten Up an Evening at New City Microcreamery Details

The weather outside is pretty chilly, but that doesn’t mean you need to avoid frosty desserts. Instead, regulars suggest that winter is a fine time to visit New City Microcreamery.

This Cambridge ice cream parlor opened its doors on Massachusetts Avenue a few months ago, and has already collected dozens of positive reviews thanks to its innovative method of freezing liquid nitrogen to make the ice cream base and its collection of nearly 30 creative flavors. Try the chocolate avocado ice cream (made with coconut milk, so it’s vegan, too) for something new and modern, or go for a classic scoop of vanilla if you’re craving something a little more traditional. New City Microcreamery also offers custom ice cream sundaes with mix-ins ranging from peanut butter sauce to chopped walnuts to brownie chunks, so you can mix and match however you like.