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Revamp Your Exercise Routine at Beyond Fitness Pilates Studio

Whereas most workouts emphasize the importance of burning calories and building strength, Pilates offers a few benefits beyond these basics. It can also improve posture, ease aches and pains, and boost flexibility. These extra perks have drawn everyone from pro dancers to Hollywood celebs to the practice for decades. You can join them in the distinct exercise regime at Beyond Fitness Pilates Studio.

Beyond Fitness offers Pilates classes in a group, semi-private, and solo settings, so you can choose what you’re looking for. Start with a classic Pilates mat class to master the fundamental movements and breathing techniques of Pilates, then feel free to move on to more advanced sessions like advanced Pilates and Pilatoga, a blend of Pilates and yoga. Beyond Fitness also offers TRX and barre classes to help keep your fitness routine fresh and dynamic.