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Breathe Deeply at Beacon Hill Yoga

Breathe Deeply at Beacon Hill Yoga Details

If you’re tired of hitting the treadmill after a long winter of gym workouts, Beacon Hill Yoga promises an uplifting alternative. Its classes run the gamut from slow-flowing restorative yoga classes to challenging hot Vinyasa and barre sessions. So whether you’re looking to quiet your mind and relax your body or squeeze in a grueling workout, Beacon Hill Yoga can help.

For those who fall into the former category, sign up for a Flow & Restore class. Whether you’re a budding yogi or a seasoned practitioner, you’ll be able to appreciate this slow-moving combination of Vinyasa, restorative, and yin yoga. It helps to calm your mind as it eases any tension lingering your body after a long day. Meanwhile, at the Barre Groove classes, students keep up with a quick-paced routine set to thumping dance music. You might not even notice how much you’re sweating since the design of the class makes it as fun as it is challenging.

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