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YogaWorks Back Bay Promises a Respite From the Hectic City

If you think that yoga is an easy workout to do on your days off from the gym, you'll quickly learn how wrong you are at YogaWorks Back Bay. Of course, yoga can serve as a complement to a typical gym routine, but it can also replace that routine altogether. This full-body exercise incorporates elements of cardio and strength-training to burn calories and build muscle.

YogaWorks Back Bay specializes in Vinyasa yoga, a method that brings countless benefits beyond the physical. While its fast-flowing series of postures certainly create strength and boost physical health, they may also help to alleviate pain and clear minds wracked with anxiety and racing thoughts. You may find that, after a few classes, you feel calmer and happier — as well as stronger and healthier. Sign up for a class at YogaWorks Back Bay and start flowing your way to a leaner, more relaxed you.

Public Domain/Pixabay/geralt