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Indulge in a European Treat at Caramel French Patisserie

Indulge in a European Treat at Caramel French Patisserie Details

Light, sweet macarons. Dark, rich chocolates. Tart, flaky tarts. It sounds like a lineup you’d see in a French bakery, but it’s also similar to the assortment you’ll find at Caramel French Patisserie. After all, a French baker is at the helm of this shop in Somerville. He’s the descendant of many generations of French bakers, starting with his great-grandfather, who opened a patisserie in France back in the 1930s.

Come to Caramel to taste one of Chef Dimitri’s signature desserts, like the lemon tart. He crafts the pastry portion using a simple blend of sugar, flour, eggs, lemon zest, and lemon juice, then fills it with a pillowy meringue. Patrons can also savor the Royal Au Chocolate, a layered dessert of almond dacquoise, chocolate mousse, and chocolate mirror glaze with a gold leaf embedded on top. If you’re looking for a lighter treat, nibble on a macaron. Flavors include pistachio, rose, raspberry, and coffee.