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Find Healthy, Affordable Greek Cuisine at Saloniki Greek

Find Healthy, Affordable Greek Cuisine at Saloniki Greek Details

Saloniki Greek, which recently opened a new location in Cambridge, illustrates just how deeply current dining trends in American restaurants have their roots in Greek cuisine. Farm to table? That’s always been a part of Greek cooking! Local, sustainably sourced ingredients? The geography of Greece has always made those practices necessary. Yelpers say that the result at Saloniki is a fresh, satisfying, casual dining experience that you can feel good about—nutritionally, environmentally, and financially.

Here’s how the menu works: you start by choosing your bread, rice, or salad base, and then you select your filling from a list of pork, lamb, chicken, zucchini or eggplant. Finally, add taztiki sauce, garlic yogurt, or whipped feta on top and get ready to chow down. Pair your main course with a side salad or cup of soup for the full meal experience.