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Find Something Sweet for Dessert at Petsi Pies

Find Something Sweet for Dessert at Petsi Pies Details

In 2003, Renee “Petsi” McLeod took the risk of transforming her lifelong love of baking into a business. Over the past decade, she has built that business into a successful regional chain of independent bakeries and coffee shops called Petsi Pies.

The newest location, at the corner of Eighth and Cambridge streets, maintains the chain’s traditional feel while also adding something new to the mix. Like the original Petsi’s in Somerville, the Cambridge Street location offers up freshly made sweet and savory pies and baked goods, from traditional dessert pies like strawberry rhubarb to the more unique savory pies like the shop’s signature bacon, leek, and gruyere quiche. You’ll also find an array of soups and sandwiches, with the Guardian sandwich (filled with hummus, sprouts, and tomato) emerging as a particular favorite. Also, a tip for bicyclists: if you’re a member of BikeBenefits, show your membership and get a free small coffee with any purchase!