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Enjoy Charm and Whimsy at Todd English’s Figs, A Popular Lunch Spot in a Historic Area

Todd's English Figs has a reputation for being a charming, casual little eatery on a historic Boston street. The menu features fresh, modern fare with a touch of whimsy and fun, which makes it the perfect spot for lunch on the go.

Try a mixed green salad topped with tangy goat cheese, sliced peaches, and candied pecans for a unique treat, or go for a plate of creamy mushroom risotto, studded with English peas and topped with mascarpone and a bit of truffle oil. The kitchen even has a custom-built wood-fired pizza oven that gets plenty of work pumping out thin-crusted, free-form pizzas all day long. Classic mozzarella-and-red-sauce pies are popular, of course, but so are more creative combinations, like fig and prosciutto with gorgonzola and a drizzle of sweet balsamic vinegar, or crispy-fried calamari and fresh arugula heaped high on a traditional marinara base. Whatever you order, you'll enjoy it while staring out the charming eatery's old-fahsioned windows and people watching on the busy street outside.

Todd English's Figs
67 Main Street
Boston, MA 02129
(617) 242-2229